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We would love to hear your feedback on the Podcast, on individual episodes or on the series as a whole. You can see some of the comments we have received below.

If you have any questions, thoughts on subjects or areas of the music business you’d like to hear us address on a future episode, or would perhaps like to guest on the show, then please  Get In Touch.

Or contact us directly:


28th March, 2015- Jordan Coupland, Organiser Of Outbreak Festival: “Really great podcast especially episode 1. Coming from someone who is active in the industry but not making a living out of it (yet) it’s inspiring and also reassuring to hear the stories of people who are now successful but who were once in my boat. Keep them coming!

17th March, 2015- Gavin Lloyd, Writer for Team Rock, Metal Hammer & Thrash Hits (via Twitter): “The @BandAidesPod is really good, if you haven’t already, check it out. Excellent job from all involved.”

13th March, 2015- David McLaughlin, Deputy Editor Of Rock Sound (via Twitter): “Loved the first episode of @BandAidesPod. Inspiring, invaluable insight and advice on the music industry. Can’t recommend it highly enough

13th March, 2015- Penny Bennett, Live Reviews Editor Of Punktastic (via Twitter): “LOVED THIS! When’s the next one??”

13th March, 2015- Tom Goodwyn, Editor of @HMVTweets (via Twitter): “Loved the first episode of @BandAidesPod. If anyone who follows me wants to work in music, it’s got some ace tips:

12th March, 2015- Galina Rin: “Hey. Great to finally hear a well produced, researched and informative music industry podcast from the UK. I’ve been a long time listener to business podcasts from across the pond but they don’t translate seamlessly to the UK market. Good work. Can’t wait to hear more!”

11th March, 2015- Dan Stratford, Dystonal: “I listened to the first episode of the podcast this morning and just wanted to say it was one of the best and most useful pieces of content I have listened to. It was enjoyable, motivating and reminded me there is much more to being successful in the music industry than just making music. Your podcast has given me motivation to push harder to get music done, marketed and published. Just stunning, I can’t thank you enough.”

7th March, 2015- Fil Thorpe-Evans, Bassist, Neck Deep: “Really enjoyed the first episode of the podcast guys, great work. I think it’s a really good idea! It was really inspiring hearing about the people’s journeys to where they are and how they came up. I love all this stuff so its great being able to hear it all in one place from real people who actually know what they are talking about, not some tutor at a university who has no fucking idea. There is a lot of people out there who will appreciate what your podcast is trying to do, just wanted to say great job”

6th March, 2015- Sean Reid, Editor Of Already Heard (via Twitter): @BandAidesPod great first episode. especially enjoyed hearing from @Beez_says and @SheriffBird about music journalism.”

6th March, 2015 – Sam Taylor, Head Of Music/Host Of The Pit, BurnFM: “Ive just finished listening to the podcast and wanted to say thank you for drawing my attention to it. The first episode is very informative and has given me lots of great advice. Being the Head of Music at a student radio station, Ive had people from the station ask me about how to get into the music industry, when I dont have a clue myself, and this podcast provides a great point of reference for me and countless other students who dream of working in the industry. Thanks again for all the hard work you and your husband have put into this great podcast and I look forward to hearing the next episode!”

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