Band-Aides: The Future

Hey Listeners!

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been a new episode of Band-Aides for a couple of months now.

The reason for this is not a lack of willing, but a lack of time! When we set out to record a season of podcasts we were somewhat naive in just how much time the construction of each episode would take. From planning to conducting interviews to the most challenging and all-consuming task of all, editing… each hour long episode thus far has required between 30 – 40 hours work. And trying to fit that in around very busy active jobs in the music industry has, for now at least, gotten the better of us.

We aren’t closing the doors on Band-Aides: we still very much believe in the project and we are chuffed beyond belief at the positive response we received from our listenership and our industry friends whose insights and interviews helped to make our four episodes to date so much fun to create and to listen to.

But, for now we are on somewhat of an enforced hiatus, whilst we try to figure out a better way of creating the show on a regular basis without it demanding quite so many man hours from just a 2 person team. We want to ensure that any future episodes we do make maintain a certain level of content quality and right now that is simply not possible!

Thank you for listening and to everyone that took part so far. Hopefully this won’t be the last you hear from us!

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